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and the story behind the mountain slamet Baturaden

Lokawisata Baturaden on the slopes of Mount Slamet with altitude 650 meters above sea level has a typical cool mountain air. Coupled with sulfur water continues to flow from the fountain of seven who is believed to cure various diseases, Baturaden able to attract the tourists.

Entering Baturaden area within 14 km to the north of Navan, you'll be treated to a spectacular panorama of Mount Slamet, children free fall attraction in the waterfall Gumawang, recreational water parks, swimming pools where the water comes from mountains, hot springs, sulfur, also zoo in one location area of ​​approximately 3 hectares.

Lokawisata MeTepat at the entrance, you'll be treated to entertainment from the best groups in Banyumas kenthongan. Kenthongan Banyumas a traditional music style. One team consists of 20 people with traditional dress, they pounded kethongan while dancing to the beat that is played to entertain all visitors.

Tracing the region lokawisata you should allocate enough time, given the diverse attractions that are available. Lokawisata separated from the gate, after passing Gumawang waterfall, you can enjoy the cool mountain pools jugs are equipped with children's playground. After the pool, you can visit the hot spring, and please sulfur bath.

Then if it continued to rise, you will enter the region Kaloka Widya Mandala. This is a zoo which is equipped with a botanical garden. This area is often used as educational tours for primary school children and the mediator First School is now in the middle of cultivated botanical garden chrysanthemums.

Further top tourist sites are the shower and shower three seven. For the seven-headed shower, there are two roads to get there: through lokawisata more or less is 2.5 miles-from the shower tigadengan uphill road conditions. If you want to drive a car, you can choose the path through wanawisata.

Although more distant, but yes it was, can be traversed by vehicles. Landscape in the shower which is the top seven Baturaden is very beautiful. Various natural uniqueness can be found, such as Sara Rhinos Goa which was under the flow of hot sulfur springs. Medication and the pilgrimage of the visitors who come not just aim for the tour. Some of them are also there who had come for treatment.

Sulfur water flowing all the time in the shower and shower three seven is believed to cure various diseases, from diseases
skin, therapy for people paralyzed for up to skin beauty. Manager lokawisata massagers reliably provide 10 people in two places. Especially for those who do not want a massage in the open, provided a special shower and bath water containing sulfur. Ensure your body will feel refreshed after massaged and sulfur baths.

Sources of sulfur water that flows in the shower three and seven showers never dry, even entering the long dry season. Warm water that is widely used golden visitors to wash your face. For those who wash your face at the two springs are believed to be going to look youthful. In addition, for those who want to pray, this time the lokawisata also provide spiritual tour packages.

This tour is held every Tuesday evening and Friday kliwon Kliwon. There are three spiritual tourist sites here: petilasan Baturaden, Shower Three and Spring Mulya. If prayer at three locations during the night Tuesday and Friday Kliwon believed his prayers will be granted. Spiritual tours guided by a guide.

Typically, this guide is also tasked to lead the prayer. Most tourists who come begging prayers for salvation, and prayer for a soul mate so lightly still alone. Tourist area close to Mount Slamet is a story love story between the shelf with raden a romantic, so it is believed to be contagious to those who have a life partner.

Batur and the story of the origin story of Raden Baturaden, also becomes a separate tank. The books tells the history of the name Baturaden lokawisata widely sold in the region. It is said that in ancient times-approximately 10 miles southwest of the Duchy Kutaliman Baturaden-contained. The duke had a daughter who likes to ride horses. Silently the princess falls in love with the gamel (sice handyman). The story of their romance after a long time duke smell. He is furious, drive out the princess and the gamel. In his wanderings, the princess gave birth to her first child near the time (river) which was then the place was named Kaliputra. Eventually they settled not far from Kaliputra. Comrade beautiful scenic Baturaden is then given the name, taken from the word meaning a maid servant and raden, blue-blooded people.

The name was chosen to commemorate the legendary story of their romance in Banyumas. Until now, local people believe if you want to get a mate from among the "top", they should visit Baturaden. Deep-rooted belief is also transmitted to the tourists who arrive. Want to prove it?

Because scorn That I Large

If you look to turn back, blossoming in the presence of dangdut music may say at the start when Indoku Kadam sang "you go without a message" and Munief Bahasuan sing their songs at Istora with band accompaniment Top at the time that is, Eka Sapta.

At that Rhoma Irama actually present at the proper time by incorporating modern instruments in music dangdut dangdut and has changed from acoustic to electric. It has changed the name of the dangdut melayu parallel rhythm drum rhythm. In the 70's, along with Om Sonnet care, Rhoma Irama trying to do the adaptation of music by incorporating a variety of other musical elements into dangdut music. When it had been a "war" between the rock and dangdut music which was raised by Benny Soebardja, guitarist of rock group Giant Step.

After that period (post-1970s) dangdut music evolved with the rapid and rich with dynamics. Both the size musikalisasi, dramatikalisasi, performance stage, and vocalist. The rise of dangdut mania further confirmed by the appearance of the stars gress results dangdut dangdut contests on television. They are young young, looking up to date and dynamic. As Siti KDI, Nazar KDI, Gita KDI and others.

If for a moment trying to pull a common thread was the term backward Dangdut is the music of my country that was popularized by the parody group Project Pop music is not just dwell on the question: "Otentikkah dangdut as the creation of the nation?" But rather to a music lesson that behind bertaburnya-sepetik foreign music still exists behind the twisted passions of the country against the erosion of children swelter spirit of nationalism, and dangdut music can become a kind of reflection that thus one of the valuable work of our predecessors. Dangdut is not just a historical record of the scattered energy but one that should make young people more grateful and appreciate the efforts of the artists music tempoe DOELOE also means more to love their own homeland. (compiled from various sources).
Regards dangdut