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the star

Sir Michael Phillip "Mick" Jagger is known as a rock star, actor, songwriter, movie producer as well as an entrepreneur. He is also famous as the frontman of British legendary rock group The Rolling Stones. Jagger's career can be said to start at zero, because of persistence and perseverance in the work that's hit songs can be legendary.

He admitted a lot to learn from Tina Turner and other great musicians. It is appropriate that her debut single titled Memo from Turner (November 1970). While the successful release of his solo career Jagger She's the Boss (25 February 1985), Primitive Cool (14 September 1987), Wandering Spirit (8 February 1993) and the Goddess in the Doorway (19 November 2001).
While his career in the film as evidenced by dozens of films starring. Among PERFORMANCE (1968), NED KELLY (1970), WINGS OF ASH (1978), Running OUT OF LUCK (1987), FREEJACK (1992), Bent (1997), THE MAN FROM Elysian Fields (2001) and MAYOR OF THE SUNSET STRIP (2003).

At the beginning of Dangdut

Dangdut is one of the art genres of music that developed in Indonesia. This musical form rooted in the Malay music in the 1940s. In the evolution towards contemporary forms are now entering the influence of Indian music elements (mainly from the use of tabla) and Arabic (the crooked and harmonization). Changes in Indonesia's political currents in the late 1960s opened the entry of the strong influence of western music with the inclusion of the use of electric guitar and also a form of marketing. Since the 1970s dangdut be said to have been cooked in a contemporary form. As popular music, dangdut very open to influences of other musical forms, ranging from keroncong, style, gamelan, harp, rock, pop, and even house music.

Mention the name "dangdut" is a sound game onomatope of tabla (drum called dangdut in the world of course) and is dominated by the distinctive sound and ndut dang. The name is actually a cynical title in a magazine article the early 1970s to form the Malay music is very popular among working-class society at that time.

Here are the names of several prominent singer and songwriter of popular dangdut divided into three chronological groups, in accordance with the development of dangdut music:

Husein Bawafie
Munif Bahaswan
Ellya Khadam
Mohammad Mashabi @ M. Mashabi
Johana Satar
Hasnah Tahar

A. Rafiq
Rhoma Irama
Elvy Sukaesih
Mansyur S.
Mukhsin Alatas
Reynold Panggabean
Camelia Malik
Ida Laila
Diana Yusuf
Mus Mulyadi
Chicha Koeswoyo
Itje Trisnawaty
Rita Sugiarto

Era 80an hingga 90an
Hamdan Attaminu @ Hamdan Att
Beda Komala
Riza Umami
Vita Fatimah
Herlina Effendi
Ida Eliza
Titiek Nurniaty
NurhalimahMeggy Zakaria @ Meggy Z
Yusnia (Kepergianmu)

Akhir 80an
Imam S Ariffin (Antara Cinta Dan Dosa)
Mirnawaty (Jeritan Hati)
Mega Mustika (Hitam Bukan Putih)
Lisnawaty (Surat Cinta)
Irma Erviana (Mr Mahmood)
Nana Mardiana (Selamat jalan)
Dahlia Sutra (Putus Tunangan)
Ona Sutra (Terbayang-Bayang)
Cucu Cahyati (Mabuk Dan Judi)
Abiem Ngesti (gadis Bakliku)
Vetty Vera (Yang Sedang-Sedang Saja)
Evie Tamala (Selamat malam)
Iis Dahlia (Tamu tak Diundang)
Ikke Nurjanah (Gerbang Sengsara)
Erie Suzan (Mabuk Duit)



On the island of Sulawesi capital of Manado northern part there is one called Bunaken island, which covers 8.08 km ² at Manado Bay. Around the island there Bunaken Bunaken marine park that is part of Manado Tua National Marine Park. This marine park has marine biodiversity among the highest in the world. Scuba diving is a lot to draw visitors to the island. Overall Bunaken marine park covers an area of ​​75,265 hectares with five islands within it, namely the island of Manado Tua, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Island Mantehage follows several children of the island, and island Naen. Although it covers an area of ​​75,265 hectares, the location of the dive (diving) is limited in each of the five beaches that surround the island.